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Hello friends,

I am excited to be launching a monthly Newsletter for my business: Wisdom Healing Arts

Having recently graduated from Massage School, where we practiced Chi Kung and Tai Chi every day, I am looking forward to offering healing energy to many clients. As a result, I am now offering more modalities: Asian Bodywork, Reflexology, Hot Stone massage and Swedish Massage. It is my intention to offer several sessions of each of these for a donation between now and June 31st, and at that point I will raise my rates further:

I am asking $40 - 60 through May 15th (suggested donation), from May 16th - June 31st I will ask for $60 - 80 and then when I acquire my Massage License, I will charge $100 / hour. So sign up for a treatment now before my rates go up!

You can sign up for treatments here: http://wisdomhealingtherapies.schedulista.com/

There is an incentive to join the Newsletter: between now and May 31st, I will select one subscriber at random per week (for every 25 people who sign up for the newsletter) and offer them complimentary bodywork (if they live nearby) or distance Acupressure sessions if they live further away.

I will be writing about these modalities, giving occasional health tips regarding 5 Element Chinese medicine (that we learned at school) and mentioning monthly specials! I am planning to send out a newsletter once in the middle of each month.

I look forward to staying in touch,

Kirby Moore

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